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Behan Management, LLC and QS Management, LLC: Privacy and Terms of Use of This Site

Please note that many of the materials within this site, or linked to this site, are copyrighted by various organizations are subject to their copyright terms.

Use of Photos from

Many of the photos used in this site have been provided by individual photographers and may not be used without explicit permission from the photographers. Please contact us if you are interested in using these images. If your personal image or an image owned by you is contained in one of the photos on our website and you would like it to be removed either partially or totally, please email us at

Privacy deeply respects the privacy of its visitors. Visitors are not required to provide personal information to use most of the web site's features. Exceptions include providing feedback or applying for employment.

When personal information is requested, please rest assured that this information will only be used to alert you to periodic updates (if you have indicated that we may do so) and to help us improve the site and develop new features based on general user preferences. We will not share any individual information that you provide with others. Any visitor information disclosed will consist solely of aggregated information on a set of visitors. This aggregate information is used to better understand site usage patterns in an effort to better serve the needs and interests of our visitors.

Information provided in our Feedback section will be used strictly internally unless specific permission is requested.